“I love the way attending Grace Academy, under the kind direction of Ms. Heidi Knapp and Ms. Sarah Vanduyvenvoorde, has clearly encouraged and instilled poise, confidence, self esteem, positive body image, and healthy life decisions for my daughter. I thank them both with all my heart !"

Mother of a dancer who has been at the academy for 6 years

“The care and attention given to each child has helped my daughter grow not only into a beautiful dancer, but a beautiful person as well. She will always look back at her time at Grace Academy with fond memories of happiness and friendship.”

Mother of a senior dancer - 11 years with Miss Knapp

“I found Grace Academy after trying two different dance schools for my daughter. One school was strict and competitive but the instruction was good, the other was fun but the instruction too relaxed. Grace Academy gives us the best of both worlds, giving solid instruction and emphasizing excellence in an atmosphere that exudes grace and allows learning and growth. Everyone I talk to at Grace Academy agrees that Miss Knapp sets the tone that allows the children to feel that Grace Academy is their home away from home, while instilling in them the motivation to learn and grow in their dance. My daughter has learned far more than dance at Grace Academy - Miss Knapp models the values of hard work, excellence, determination and kindness. There is no one better, nowhere better, for dance, than Grace Academy.”

Mother of a 12 year old dancer

“My eager 3 year old "ballerina" has become a beautiful, confident 8 1/2 year old "dancer" in so many ways. The dancing, teaching, friendships and goal setting have become a very important part of her life - and she has chosen it, which is even more important.”

Mother of an 8 year old dancer

“My daughter has been with Grace Academy for three years now during which time she has been able to develop her confidence and nurture her ability to achieve. Thanks to the dedicated and inspiring teachers! It is an environment infused with passion and positivity - what more could a parent ask for?”

Mother of a 10 year old dancer


"When I registered my daughters at Grace Academy of Dance and Performing Arts, I knew that they would receive excellent instruction. I knew that Grace Academy was the best non-competitive studio around (and that Grace offered accredited examinations for those who wanted to take them). I knew that the Annual Performances were polished, professional, fun and beautiful, and that they showcase dancers at all ages and stages.

Once there, I leaned that the outstanding instruction given goes far beyond teaching dance and performance. At Grace, the students are inspired to become good citizens as well. I learned that there is a true spirit of community and family at Grace Academy. I learned that mutual respect and kindness set the tone both in classes and in the waiting room. I witnessed many friendships being formed and nurtured. I saw that newcomers are warmly welcomed, and that students who take one class are treated with as much importance as those who take several.

In the past three years, I have watched my daughters grow from girls to young ladies. I have watched their dance skills develop and have delighted in their performances at the end of each year. I have seen their continual improvement as dancers, and witnessed how their connection to Grace Academy has helped them grow as individuals.

I wholeheartedly recommend Grace Academy for any person who wants their child to enjoy exceptional dance, acting, and/or musical theatre instruction. I recommend Grace Academy for any person who wants their child to reach their potential as a performer in a learning environment that is second to none.

As I sign my daughters up for their fourth year at Grace Academy (and sign myself up for my second year of adult Ballet class), I think of the many parents who are signing
their children up as well, and I know that we all look forward to the coming year, to seeing familiar families, and to welcoming new ones."

Jennifer Howse - mom of 2 dancers

"Growing up as a student at Grace was one of my most positive formative experiences and is part of my fondest memories. Not only did I learn a lifelong love for dance but my time at the studio allowed me to develop strong discipline, commitment and leadership skills that I have been able to take with me into adulthood. Miss Knapp, Miss Van Dunk and my other teachers valued and encouraged my individual strengths and pushed me to be my best while also celebrating my successes. Additionally, they have fostered a loving and supportive culture in the studio wherein I have been able to form strong friendships with fellow dancers that have continued until this day. I can’t thank Miss Knapp and Grace Academy enough for the positive difference they have made in my life as a dancer and as a person; I will always cherish being part of the “family.”"

Emily Duffin - Grace Academy graduate

"From the moment my children entered the doors at Grace Academy and met Miss Knapp, I knew they had found their dance studio and second home. Miss Knapp and
Mrs.Vanduyvenvoorde are incredible teachers, my daughters are learning to be technical and gifted dancers in an inclusive, warm, structured and positive environment. Grace Academy is much more than a dance studio. It is a place to watch children grow into amazing performers and incredible role models, full of confidence, dedication, resiliency and kindness."

Lisa Kohler - mom of 2 dancers