Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register for classes?
A. Click here to download our registration form. We ask that you kindly call the Academy to discuss the appropriate class for you or your child and confirm availability and fees.
Q. What level should I register for?
A. We will assist you in determining the appropriate class level when you call the Academy. The following minimum age requirements are intended as a guideline only.  
  Minimum age requirements
  Ballet 3 years by September 1st 2019
  Tap 7 years by September 1st 2019 OR 3 years of dance at Grace Academy – at Miss Knapp’s discretion
  Musical Theatre 7 years by September 1st 2019
All students must be taking one form of dance. Dancers will be divided based on age and dance level
  Modern Jazz 6 years by January 31st, 2019 OR 2 years of ballet at Grace Academy
  Junior Hip Hop 6 years by September 1st 2019
  Acting Entering grade 4 in school in September 2019

ALL STUDENTS wishing to take our regular hip hop program (grade 4 modern level and above) MUST also be attending the corresponding modern class

Intermediate foundation ballet 1st year students must attend 2 classes of ballet per week in order to be considered for pointe work.

Intermediate foundation ballet 2nd year students and above MUST be attending 2 regular ballet classes per week to work on pointe

We recommend that students in grade 1 ballet 2nd year and above attend 2 classes per week in order to progress through the level in 1 year (please discuss this with Miss Knapp if you have questions). Students who do not attend twice a week will not necessarily be ready to move ahead to the next grade level. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND ATTENDANCE IN 2 CLASSES A WEEK IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE A GOOD STANDARD

Musical theatre students must be taking at least one form of dance.

Those interested in The Spirit Moves Christian Dance Company Pure Grace Performing Company should speak to Miss Knapp

Q. What should I wear to class?
A. Please review the uniform list here to determine the appropriate dancewear for your class.
Q. Where do I buy dancewear?

All uniforms, including shoes can be purchased from Instep Activewear in Oakville (905.844.4415 or at Instep has brought in a large variety of new bodysuit colours that are suitable for modern jazz.

Q. Can I watch my child's dance class?
A. A parents' viewing day is held during the month of November. On this day, we invite parents to sit in on a normal class so they can see what goes on from week to week. During normal class hours, the doors to the studio are usually closed to avoid dancers being distracted by those waiting in the changeroom.